Tuesday, 18 September 2012

News Series Cross Manage by Kaito

Cross Manage will meet us with the initially lazy and nihilistic Sakurai and his classmate Toyoguchi, the charming leader of the school’s lacrosse squad. After the young man ends up, without intending to, storming into the locker room while Toyoguchi is undressed, she makes him pay dearly for the mistake. He needs to enter the lacrosse team’s numbers as a manager. As time goes by, we see that Sakurai changes a  lot, his laziness disappears and he also begins to care not only for the sport, but also for the girl who introduced him to it.  

This seems like an interesting series by Kaito but as there are already three sport manga in Weekly Shonen Jump then it has its work cut out for it. Unlike the other sports series this series does have a little bit more humour in it and also maybe a possibility of romance. I believe it may do well butwhether it succeeds or not all depends on the readers in Japan.

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