One Piece Extra

Straw Hat Pirates
Monkey D. Luffy Beli30,000,000 to Beli100,000,000 to Beli300,000,000 to Beli400,000,000 
Roronoa Zoro Beli60,000,000 to Beli120,000,000 (During Dressrosa Arc - Beli200,000,000)
Nami Beli16,000,000
Usopp Beli30,000,000       (During Dressrosa Arc - Beli500,000,000)
Sanji Beli77,000,000
Tony Tony Chopper Beli50
Nico Robin Beli79,000,000 to Beli80,000,000    (During Dressrosa Arc - Beli100,000,000)
Franky Beli44,000,000    (During Dressrosa Arc - Beli100,000,000)
Brook Beli33,000,000

Shichibukai Former Bounties
Bartholomew Kuma Beli296,000,000
Boa Hancock Beli80,000,000
Donquixote Doflamingo Beli340,000,000

Other Bounties
Sir Crocodile Beli81,000,000
Gecko Moria Beli320,000,000
Jimbei Beli250,000,000 to over Beli400,000,000
Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard) Beli0
Enel (Estimated Bounty) Beli500,000,000
A complete list of bounites can be found here

List of islands/places visited in the first half of the Grand Line (Paradise)
Twin Cape
Whiskey Peak
Little Garden
Drum Island
Arabasta/Alabasta (Using Eternal Pose)
Jaya (Using Eternal pse)
Long Ring Long Land
Water 7
Thriller Bark (Without using any Log Pose)
Sabody Archipelago (Without using any Log Pose)
Fishman Island

List of islands visited in the second half of the Grand Line - NEW WORLD
Punk Hazard (Without using any Log Pose)

A full interactive map of the One Piece world (in french)

Going Merry                                                                                            Thousand Sunny
File:Thousand Sunny Infobox.png

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