Below are images that I have coloured in.
All of works below, along with requested work can be found on my deviantart account.

May 2015

April 2015
Let's see which of us becomes Sorcery Emperor first!!! (Black Clover Chapter 1)

October 2014
Final Showdown (Naruto Chapter 695)

April 2014
Sabo - Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army (One Piece Chapter 744)

March 2014
You called? (Beelzebub Chapter 240 - Last Babu)

September 2013
Aim for the top! Be number one!! (Nanatsu no Taizai Chapter 30 - Come together! Festival Bastards)

July 2013
Kuchiyose no Jutsu! (Naruto Chapter 633 - Going Forward)

June 2013
Ni-se-ko-i (Nisekoi Chapter 66 - Changing Seats)

March 2013
Goku and Luffy (Cross Epoch)
February 2013
SHUT UP! (World Trigger Chapter 1- Mikumo Osamu)

June 2012
RADICAL BEAM! :D (One Piece Chapter 646 - Frog)

Impact Wolf (One Piece Chapter 646 - Frog)

Blizzard Cut (One Piece Chapter 646 - Frog)

Arriving in the New World (One Piece Chapter 654 - GAM)

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