Tuesday, 11 September 2012

News Series Retsu!!! Date-Senpai by Shinsuke Kondo

The story is very random. The first chapter opens up with the protagonist, Katakura, confessing to Date Mego. She gracefully accepts his confession.
A few pages later, a guy wearing a Sengoku armor charges into Katakura's classroom...Actually, that is not entirely correct. First, the guy wearing the armor cuts open the classroom door with his sword.
Then, he charges into the classroom riding on a horse.
He turns out to be Date Mego's older brother. He happens to be very protective of his sister.

What will ever happen to Katakura? 
- Animesuki 
This manga series seems very fun and interesting and in a way brings something that I believe has not been seen in Jump before. 

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