Thursday, 6 December 2012

"It’s One Piece madness in Japan!" - SaiyanIsland

This month FujiTV will air many anime specials to help promote the upcoming movie, but more importantly these episodes will tie-in with the movie.
The first of these is a four episode filler arc, that became airing last Saturday (One Piece episode 575).
Also, One Piece Episode of Luffy: The Hand Island Adventure special will air on the same day that the movie will be released (15-12-12).

Japan's NOTTV broadcast service for smart phones began streaming two commercials for a special One Piece series "Glorious Island". This anime special series will be a prologue to the film. The series will be made of six episodes which will air each Sunday until 6th January 2013.

One Piece Film Z will be the first to take place in the New World, pitting the Straw Hat Pirates against their strongest enemy yet – a man named Z. 
Drawings and commentary by Oda-sensei indicate he is a human with cyborg enhancements and unreal power. One Piece Film Z is being marketed as a movie that will “surpass Strong World” and contain a “heroic battle” between Luffy and Z.

As you seen in these videos, those who go see the film will receive a copy of the manga's 84 page "Volume 1000" with a "Pirate Treasure Bag" prize. However these are only for the first 2 million people who watch the film. 

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