Tuesday, 18 December 2012

One Piece Film Z started screening in Japan last Saturday. On Monday it was reported that it had made 1,372,050,000 yen (about £10 million, $16 million) in just two days. With 1.14million tickets sold and with a opening weekend box office 132% higher than its last film; it has been projected that One Piece Film Z will have a final box office of over 5-6 billion yen (£37-44 million, $60-72 million).
As mentioned in a previous article. Many companies have been trying to jump onto the Film Z bandwagon. From companies that  make figures, figuarts to stores that sell clothes.
If you are at all interested in getting yourself some of these merchandise then check this link: mekke.shueisha.co.jp

For more information on the movie: onepiece-film.com
Also, check these sites out: 

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