Sunday, 6 January 2013

Other News 2012 - Part 1

Over the past year, I have tried to share with you the the latest and most relevant news related to Shonen manga, from Weekly Shonen Jump/Magazine/Sunday.

In this post and the ones to follow I have compiled some of the other news from 2012. 

Araki meets Eastwood
Last year was the 25th anniversary of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. It was celebrated in many ways. From exhibitions to a re-make of the anime. 
But creator, Hirohiko Araki of this supernatural action pack adventure series celebrated by meeting American actor and director Clint Eastwood. Araki-Sensei mentioned that he used Mr.Eastwood as the model for the character Jotaro Kujo, the protagonist from the third part of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Osamu Tezuka Manga Discovered

The God of Manga Osamu Tezuka gave the world such hits as Astro Boy, Black Jack and Phoenix. But he gave a 19 page manga to a middle-school classmate who kept it for over 60 years.
It was bought by Tezka productions for a total of 3 million yen (£21,140 or $34,355). 
"The manga dealt with post-war societal problems such as the black market and food shortages" - ANN

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