Sunday, 24 March 2013

Weekly Shonen Jump Oneshots

In the upcoming weeks Weekly Shonen Jump will feature oneshots from experienced mangakas.
Weekly Shonen Jump Vol 18 (1/4/13)
This magazine will feature a oneshot from Toshiaki Iwashiro, creator of manga series Psyren.
Psyren was a decent series and in my opinion would have thrived longer in another publishers magazine.  Nonetheless, it had a good run in Weekly Shonen Jump and had many twist to the plot that many never saw coming. 
I have high expections from Iwashiro-sensei and hope his oneshot will be a great piece of work.

Weekly Shonen Jump Vol 19 (8/4/13)
Naoki Iwamoto's oneshot will be printed in this volume. Iwamoto-sensei is the manga author of series Magico.
Although Magico was Iwamoto-sensei's first work it lasted a year before cancelled in 2012. The idea was good but it fell apart as the series went on. Lets hope this oneshot will show lessons learnt and even better story ideas.

Weekly Shonen Jump Vol 20 (15/4/13)
This volume will have Sho Aimoto's oneshot. Aimoto-sensei is the creator of manga series Hokenshitsu no Shinigami. All her series have supernatural element to the story; will she continue this trend in the next work or will Aimoto-sensei change to a more mainstream series?

Weekly Shonen Jump Vol 21 (22/4/13)
This issue will feature two separate oneshots from manga authors Yasuhiro Kano and Hiroshi Shiibashi.

Yasuhiro Kano is a very experienced mangaka and has created many manga series. Series such as Pretty Face, Mx0 and more recently Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa.
Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa was an interesting romance/supernatural series. Kano-sensei had a good idea for the series but like Iwamoto-sensei's Magico, the series fell apart as the story went on. It became slow, and had very little surprising elements that could have saved the series.
Hopefully this oneshot will show everyone that Kano-sensei can create a truly impressive piece of work.

Hiroshi Shiibashi is the manga author of Nurarihyon no Mago. The series migrated to Jump NEXT! where it ended its run. Shiibashi-sensei's artwork is truly outstanding and reminds many, of traditional Japanese art and calligraphy. Although the art did the series justice it was the story development that eventually lead the series to a premature end.
I have high expectations from Shiibashi-sensei and hope that he has learnt his past mistakes and bring back the magnificent art back to Weekly Shonen Jump.

Weekly Shonen Jump Vol 22-23 (29/4/13)
Two different oneshots from Takeshi Konomi and Mizuki Kawashita will be printed in this double issue.

Takeshi Konomi is the creator of successful manga series Prince of Tennis. Konomi-sensei currently has manga series New Prince of Tennis serialised in Jump SQ; so I have no idea as to the true nature of this upcoming oneshot. Does Konomi-sensei want to have two series running at the same time? What is this, Bakuman in real life?

Mizuki Kawashita is a very popular author, with series such as Ichigo 100%, Ane Doki and First Love Limited. Kawashita-sensei's work is nice but her more recent work has never been serialised for more than a year. Maybe her work would do better if printed by another publisher.
All of her series are romance, therefore this oneshot will definitely be one. 


  1. Mizuki Kawashita's recent work was G maru edition (2010) it was only bout 13 chaps and I was sad that it lasted a while since it reminded me of KHR for some reason.. that ended as well lol

    1. Kawashita-sensei's only successfully manga series was Ichigo 100%. It was popular enough for it to get translated.
      So we know that she has talent. The problem is that the readers are exposed to other great pieces of work and so she gets left behind.