Wednesday, 15 May 2013

New Series Soul Catcher(s) by Hideo Shinkai

Kamine has the uncontrollable ability to see the state of a person's heart. He can see the emotions of the heart, tell whether a person has darkness in their heart or not etc.
Tokisaka has the natural ability to reach the hearts of the people by playing his Saxophone.
Together they try to guide (through Tokisaka's music and Kamine's power) the hearts of the people and save them.
This new series by Hideo Shinkai started in volume 24 of Weekly Shonen Jump.
Shinkai's previous work, Light Wing, was a short lived series so hopefully his new work does well.
However, my personal opinion is that this series may not succeed. It would have probably done well in Weekly Shonen Magazine, where there are less mainstream manga readers.

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