Saturday, 8 June 2013

Latest on the Gintama and Toriko movies

The Final Gintama Movie - Be Forever Yorozuya
This film will be the anime's last installment, in which "it all ends(s) here...our world". As a result there is little information on the movies plot.
The film was written by original manga creator Hideaki Sorachi and will premiere in Japan on 6th July.
Toriko The Movie - Bishokushin's Special Menu

Toriko receives an important assignment from the IGO; he is to accompany Biotope head chief Ayame and find the special hidden menu detailing the full-course meal of the legendary Bishokushin Acacia.
   The quest to uncover the secret of the special menu takes Toriko, Ayame, Komatsu, Zebra, Sunny and Coco through the dangerous Hungry Triangle to eventually land on the island known as “Acacia's Kitchen”. On the island they discover a bounty beyond anything they could've imagined; rare species of animals, Regal Mammoths, terrifying monsters, strange ruins and a giant refrigerator.
   Toriko and Ayame explore the ruins where they are confronted by Girimu, the former Bishokukai Special Cooking Advisor. Even crazier, the 3 sous chefs and a new GT Robo step in, turning the situation into an all out battle!
The film will release at theatres in Japan on 27th July.

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