Thursday, 17 July 2014

New Series Dagashi Kashi by Kotoyama

The story follows a boy who has aspirations of becoming an artist, even a mangaka, instead of inheriting a candy shop from his father. This young man has to deal with the pesting of his dad and a crazy sweets otaku who happens to show up at his shop.

Dagashi Kashi started in Weekly Shonen Sunday issue 30 by newcomer Kotoyama.
A "sweets maniac" girl came to a candy shop in a rural town! An everyday life candy shop short comedy!!
- Baka-Updates
The first couple of chapters moves at a good pace and deliver many comedic scenes, from the arguments between father and son to the craziness of the girl looking for sweets. This should be a short series but it will be an enjoyable one while it lasts.

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