Wednesday, 2 July 2014

New Series E.T. - Eiga no Tenshi by Ippei Nekosuna

High school freshman and movie otaku Daigoro loves shooting short films with his friends. On his first day at high school he meets Sakura, a beautiful girl who has captivated the attention of all the other freshman boys. However it seems that only Daigoro notices that she is an Angel. After inviting her to the Film Club, Daaigoro decides to make Sakura the leading actor in his new film
Will he be able to complete his new masterpiece the likes of which have never been seen?

E.T. - Eiga no Tenshi began in Weekly Shonen Sunday #27 by Ippei Nekosuna. Nekosunas' previous work Ninomae Shii no Tsukaikata,  published in Shonen Sunday Super in 2011 was short lived with only 3 volumes.
E.T. - Eiga no Tenshi has great potential as a romantic comedy as we are introduced to unusual, interesting and comical characters.

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