Thursday, 7 August 2014

New Series Yoakemono by Yusaku Shibata

Yoakemono started in issue 34 of Weekly Shonen Jump by Yusaku Shibata
The two boys Gin and Jinrou form a tough team in the mountains. One day, Gin decides that the only way they can move forward is to travel to the capital and join the Shinsengumi. It soon becomes clear, though, that they are not tough enough to handle the kind of people they find in the capital. Some of them, including the current Shinsengumi members, smell like beasts to Jinrou, and they seem to have unusual abilities. After Gin's tragic death, Jinrou is determined to become stronger and join the Shinsengumi in his place!
Samurai's with beast-like abilities, those who protect the innocent and those that devour them (metaphor).
In a way this series reminds me of Gamaran from Weekly Shonen Magazine. I enjoyed that series up to a point, and although Yoakemono has its differences it could lose its readers in the couple of chapters.
After having a look at the first chapter, I could only feel like the chapter was rushed and even forced, with it trying to hit the readers emotional nerve as protagonist's friend dies.

Personally I do not think this series will last but we can enjoy it while its still around.

The first chapter can be read here

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