Friday, 17 October 2014

New Series Dezi-con by Tomohito Oda

Shiho is the daughter of the Ryokan Onsen's owner. On one fateful day, a alien by the name of Omega crashes his spaceship into the onsen.
Omega is soon followed by Elisa, an alien with ideas of invading Earth. Omega and Elisa battle and during the fight Elisa manages to plant an antenna on Omega's head. Using a remote control he is now able to control Omega's strength.
Shiho, who had been taken captive by Elisa manages to free herself, gets a hold of the controller and helps Omega dispatch of Elisa.
Afterwards, Shiho forces Omega to work for her in order to pay for damages to the onsen.
How long will Shiho be able to control Omega?

Dezi-con began publication in issue 40 of Weekly Shonen Sunday by Tomohito Oda.
The series is a very amusing. It has more gag moments than action, but its a perfect balance for this kind of series. This is Tomohito Oda's first series, but so far this series seems great.

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