Tuesday, 21 October 2014

New Series Hi-Fi Cluster by Ippei Goto

A.D. 2045, Tokyo—  A near future where it's normal for abilities to be turned into Apps, and they are downloadable by placing special labels onto the body.  In this Ability Society, for some unknown reason, there was a poor boy who couldn't synchronize with any of the labels—Heita.  Heita, who didn't have a place in society, unexpectedly meets a man in a black suit with a prosthetic arm—Kandera. Kandera says that he is searching for a certain label, however...
Hi-Fi Cluster started in Weekly Shonen Jump #42 by newcomer Ippei Goto.
The idea of this story where apps give users special abilities does remind me of UQ Holder from Weekly Shonen Magazine. However Goto has put his own twist on this idea to create a interesting series.
Personally, I do not see this series lasting long, but as usual it will all depend on the Japanese readers.

The first chapter can be read here

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