Saturday, 1 November 2014

New Series Sporting Salt by Yuto Kubota

The main character, Hiroyuki Shioya, at first sight looks to be just a short grade-schooler. However, the truth was that he was a high school student who had the eyes to look past a person's physical features in one look! He aims of becoming the number one sports doctor in Japan!!
Sporting Salt by Yuto Kubota started in issue 43 of Weekly Shonen Jump.
Shioya really likes to help sportsmen, to the point that he is weirdly fascinated by them. He has a dream of becoming best sports doctor in the world, and he is already quite good at it even though he is still in high school.
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Sporting Salt is Kubota's first series. The artwork is simple yet it fits the story perfectly.
The plot of this series does seem a little weak, in that there is very limited ways in which the story can develop. Plus, will the readers really be interested in a high school student who dreams about being sports doctor?

First chapter can be read here

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