Thursday, 6 November 2014

Weekly Shonen Jump Author Comments

All the authors comment in Weekly Shonen Jump #50 are about Kishimoto and the end of his series, Naruto.

Masashi Kisimoto | Naruto
In accepting the final story, there are mixed feelings, both happy and sorrowful. Nevertheless, I’m able to speak clearly, thank you to all the readers. To the end, I truly thank you. Otsukaresama dattebayo!!

Eiichiro Oda | ONE PIECE
Both my friend and rival, thank you for 15 years of heartfelt serialization!! Kishimoto-san, Otsukaresama!!

Kohei Horikoshi | MY HERO ACADEMIA
Naruto was my youth. Thank you for the greatest Shonen manga.

Yusei Matsui | Assassination Classroom
It’s been an honor to witness this great work to the end. Masashi Kishimoto, truly, Otsukaresama deshita.

Yuto Tsukuda and Shun Saeki | Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma
During middle school, the work that we came across by chance is finally…! Kishimoto-sensei, Otsukaresama deshita! We both really agree!

Kawada | Hinomaru-Zumou
Ever since I was a young student, I really enjoyed reading this story. I admired you. Kishimoto-sensei, Otsukaresama deshita!

Hideaki Sorachi | Gintama
As the shinobi passes by, as I expected, the wind feels refreshing. Kishimoto-Sensei, A resounding farewell, dattebayo

Shuichi Aso | The Disaster of PSI Kusuo Saiki
This week’s final chapter, was a dreadfully amazing thing. (laughs) Kishimoto-Sensei, Otsukaresama deshita!

Haruichi Furudate | Haikyu!!
I was very honored to have collaborated at Jump Festa. I’m always aspiring to be as cool as Naruto.

Mitsutoshi | Shimabukuro Toriko
Uo! Kishimoto-san, for 15 years, truly Otsukaresama deshita! Naruto, thank you!

Naoshi Komi | Nisekoi
To witness such a great conclusion to a series, I feel happy! Truly, Otsukaresama deshita!

Daisuke Ashihara | WORLD TRIGGER
Closure to one of Jump’s historic works, Kishimoto-Sensei, a long 15 year serialization, Otsukaresama deshita.

Shinsuke Kondo | JUDOS
15 years as a pillar of Jump. Respectfully, from the bottom of my heart, Kishimoto-sensei, Otsukaresama deshita!

Ippei Goto | Hi-Fi CLUSTER
Kishimoto-sensei, for all these years, Otsukaresama deshita. I and am honored to be involved in this memorialized issue.

Ryo Nakama | The Story of Isobe Isobee
To come after Naruto, as a young mangaka, Now, I’m fired up and dreaming of the future. I’ll also do my best.

Tite Kubo | BLEACH
Kishimoto-san, Otsukaresama deshita! Although I believe it’s been busy to finish up, for now, please rest well!

Osamu Akimoto | Kochikame
Kishimoto-san, for 15 years of long serialization, Otsukaresama deshita. I await the comeback of your new work.

Yuto Kubota | Sporting Salt
Kishimoto-Sensei, Otsukaresama desu. I have been reading since my childhood. I love Rock Lee!

Yusaku Shibata | Yoakemono
Kishimoto-sensei, Otsukaresama deshita. On your own, come back with a fresh start from training/learning. Thank you.


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