Friday, 26 December 2014

New Series Tokiwa Kitareri by Shun Matsuena

Tokiwa Kitareri began in issue 1 of Weekly Shonen Sunday 2015 by Shun Matsuena.
Matsuena is more widely known for his previous series, Kenichi - Worlds Strongest Disciple.

In truth, one could say that this series really began in issue 50 as the four protagonist are introduced over three separate oneshots published in consecutive weeks. 
Kanata ran in issue 50 and followed a high school student and his abnormal ninja activities of eliminating monsters (ayakashi).
Issue 51 had the oneshot Haruka, in which a young man's life is changed forever when his dormant supernatural powers are awaken after a series of events in which he saves a young (elf like) woman's life.
Lastly, DEM III ran in issue 52. DEM stands for Deus Ex Machina. The story follows two characters, one an android and the other an intelligent high school student as they live together.
Towards the end of DEM III, the android is enrolled into the same school and class as his roommate. But this class also contains the protagonist from the previous two oneshots.

Tokiwa Kitareri is based around these four heroes and their individually complicated plots and enemies.
How will these heroes mix? Will they get along to fight their common enemy or will they deem each other their enemy?

Matsuena created these interesting and creative characters. Each deserving of being the main character so much so that they were introduced to the readers in their own oneshots. This idea is absolutely amazing and is probably the first of its kind. In the oneshots we met the characters and briefly saw their abilities, ranging from ninjutsu to laser attacks. This series will surely be a whole lot of fun when these characters find some common ground and fight alongside one another.

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