Wednesday, 25 February 2015

New Series Rion-san, Meiwaku Desu。 by Shinya Urayama

Rion-san, Meiwaku Desu。 began in Weekly Shonen Sunday #7 by Shinya Urayama. The series follows a high school student whose life becomes somewhat troublesome, when he is told that he would be a little girls guardian. However, this is no ordinary child as we find out later.

As I was reading the first chapter I had a very distinct feeling that this was more of a Shojo manga, where the protagonist has to care for or look after a child. As the story progressed, a life threatening incident occurred at which point the small crazy like child transforms into something else....

The story is weak and the artwork is not the best out there. If this series is aiming to be a  miniseries then it will last but it not then it will most likely be cancelled early if the subsequent chapters do not "wow" the readers.

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