Sunday, 15 March 2015

New Series Kaizou Ningen Roggy by Yuu Miki

In a world where law and order are lost due to the existence cybernetics and the ability to make or upgrade the body by mechanical means; Roggy is on a mission to clean the streets of the evil that has gripped it.

Kaizou Ningen Roggy (Cyborg Roggy) started in issue 13 of Weekly Shonen Jump by rookie by Yuu Miki.
The idea of Kaizou Ningen Roggy is quite fresh but the way the story develops in the first chapter really lowers the quality of the idea. The artwork seemed similar to that of Kishimoto (author of Naruto) but lack of tones and background together with the story development made the overall read of the first chapter quite slow and rather unexciting.
In my opinion this series will mostly likely be cancelled soon.

The first chapter can be read here
Due to the spread of artificial biological implants known as "Augmentation Parts," people started to freely redesign their own bodies, and as a result, the world's law and order started to fall apart...  
One day, a young man known as "Dog" receives a job to find this so-called "Hero" who has been getting rid of criminals lately. Who is this so-called Hero?! And what is he trying to do?!  

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