Saturday, 8 August 2015

New Series Daigo Tokusou by Enji Tetsuta

Island No. 5 is a chaotic place said to have the highest population density in the world. On this island, the police force is just a decoration and the four crime syndicates act as police over each of the four zones the island is divided into. Because of this, only the people who score the lowest on the police academy exam are sent to this lawless island so that they may just leave things be.  
     Meet Inada Daigo, a 17-year-old newbie just assigned to this island. His strong sense of justice makes him pick a fight with the mafia ruling over the northern region, where he was assigned to, on his first day. Now he will carve his name in Island No. 5's history as the strongest rookie policeman ever.
Daigo Tokusou began in issue 33 of Weekly Shonen Magazine by Enji Tetsuta. 
With this new series Tetsuta will have two series running simultaneously. His other work, Gumi from Vocaloid, which he works in collaboration with the internet author Kabushiki Kaisha, runs in Shonen Rival.
Daigo Tokusou is Tetsuta's first work as a solo mangaka. The premise of the story is very interesting with decent artwork to fit it. Overall this series should do well in Weekly Shonen Magazine.

The first chapter can be read here


  1. You think there's a chance of this ever getting translated? it looks really nice and interesting

    1. I agree, it looks like a very promising series. It really depends on the translation groups, but I hope they do choose to do it.