Monday, 21 December 2015

New Series Nippen! by Akira Ootani

Asahi and Tin were close friends aiming to be the best table tennis players in Japan and the world. However after Asahi experienced defeat in a tournament and Tin's death, he abandoned the sports altogether.

After four years, Asahi returns to the world of table tennis by joining the table tennis club at his school. Can he make the team stronger and ready for the athletic meet? Can Asahi fulfil the promise he made to Tin in being the world's best table tennis player? Find out in this authentic table tennis story!!

Nippen began in Weekly Shonen Sunday #49 by Akira Ootani. Ootani is an experienced mangaka having done three other series, two of which ran in this magazine. All of his series have been short lived, so it should be expected that Nippen! would also be a short series lasting 8-10 (tankobon) volumes.

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