Monday, 1 August 2016

New Series Tenohira no Netsu o by Eiichi Kitano

Tenohira no Netsu o  began in Weekly Shonen Magazine #10 by Eiichi Kitano.

Your everyday soon-to-be junior high school student, Kinoshita Shinya, is only on a family visit when he gets lost.
Your everyday karate kid, Yanagiya Takumi, is only going on a run when he runs into Shinya.
When being lost and training diligently brings new encounters, a new friendship is born! Follow this amazing new series about Karate that is sure to excite!
- Washokudan

This series is a delight to see. Although it revolves around Karate there is a good amount of comedy and light spirit that makes Tenohira no Netsu o a fun read.

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