Thursday, 8 September 2016

Weekly Shonen Magazine New Series - Part 2

Kono Ken ga Tsuki o Kiru
In a world with villains all over the place, what is it that lies ahead of young Souji? The adventure of the genius swordsman starts here! 
- myanimelist

This new series by Horiuchi Atsunori began in issue 31. This is a truly fascinating series, with great character artwork and tense fighting scenes.

The first chapter can be read here

Koisuru Suizoku-man
Yu Abiko began running this series in issue 34. It is a slice of life manga revolving around the staff at an aquarium.

The artwork is pretty and the story has a nice steady pace with (animal) cuteness and comedy.

The first chapter can be read here 

Mononote: Edo Shinobi Kagyou
Reiji  Miyajima, author of AKB49 returned to WSM in issue 37/38. Miyajima has been a favourite mangaka of mine due to his beautiful artwork. He delivered a high level of art in AKB49 and now he has brought it to his new series. In 2015, Miyajima published a oneshot titled 'Mononote: Edo Kiketsu Ninja Emaki', it was a joy to read about a pervy 'samurai' (in fact a ninja) that had reversed/backward hands. Mononote: Edo Shinobi Kagyou seems to follow the basic plot of the oneshot with some alterations, including the protagonist being less pervy.

The first chapter can be read here 

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