Friday, 24 February 2012

Bleach Live-Action Film
This week Variety announced that Warner Brothers had licensed the rights to start work on a Bleach Live-Acion. They appointed Dan Mazeau, screenwriter of Wrath of the Titans, to write the Live-Action script. Peter Segal, will direct the epic journey of Ichigo's battle against the Hollows.
Segal told Variety, "I've always been a huge fan of Bleach and have great respect for its creator Kubo-sensei and the truly original and amazing world he has created in this manga."   

Its great to hear Bleach is getting a Live-Action....or is it?
MangaUK commented on these develops by saying, "Warner Brothers is the only studio to make a successful live-action anime movie with The Matrix. Like a lot of anime though, they couldn't carry off a satisfying conclusion."
They also advised that when developing the live-action Warner Brothers and all those who will be involved in its production should, "Know who you audience is before you make the movie. Very important rule..." 
I hope the Bleach Live-Action becomes a hit. Entertaining to watch and does justice to both the manga and its creator. But, I and I'm sure many of you would agree that it would be disappointing if it turned out to be a major flop like Dragonball:Evolution 

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