Monday, 26 November 2012

HunterXHunter Series Returning to Jump?

Just as Gintoki says, HunterXHunter creator Togashi-Sensei says he will return soon. So when there were rumours floating around the internet that HunterXHunter would be coming back to Weekly Shonen Jump in 2013, fans were overjoyed. Many people speculated that Togashi-Sensei would continue serialisation because of the upcoming movie, Phantom Rouge.
These pages from Volume 52 of Jump show that in fact HunterXHunter will not be returning as we wished, but a special will be in Issue 1 (3/12) and 2 (10/12).
It will be a 63 page chapter based on a story Togashi-Sensei wrote 10 years ago that was never included in the series, and that this special is the basis for the upcoming movie. The special is called the Kurapika Memory Arc and it will mainly focus on the Kurta clan.

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