Tuesday, 13 November 2012

New Series Hungry Joker by Yuki Tabata

In the 2100s, a new virus has arisen that has dramatically evolved the wildlife into deadly monsters. Humans have been left behind by the virus's explosive evolution, and they are facing extinction. The only protection humanity has is the government's battle scientist organization, known as the White Jokers.
   Alice and her little sister Mona live in an isolated island city, where they have no hope of either running away or being rescued by the far-off government's White Jokers. Alice is determined to protect her little sister, but she and her handguns may stand no chance against a major attack. One day, a strange boy in a white lab coat, with a mysterious timer floating over his head, appears. Is he a White Joker, and will he be able to protect their little city?
- Baka-Updates
Hungry Joker which started in volume 50 of Weekly Shonen Jump, was the winner of the 2011 Golden Future Cup. This series sets to show us a world ruled by wild and savage beast bent on feeding on humans. The heroes of this story are supposedly the "White Jokers" sent out into the world by some kind of new government to protect humans from such wild animals. Of course not everyone can be saved....
The idea of this story is pretty awesome, but to be honest I personally believe that this series could do better (or flourish) in Magazine; as the creator would have more freedom in what to include in the story.

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