Friday, 17 January 2014

New Series Soredemo Boku wa Kimi ga Suki by Nao Emoto & Yu Ting Xu

One day, Serizawa fell asleep at work and had a dream about a past love that he wronged when he was in middle school. On the way home, he was involved in an accident, and a woman who knew him called for an ambulance. Now the woman has his phone number, but he doesn't know her identity. Serizawa thinks back over the women he has loved in the past, trying to determine who this woman is that has re-entered his life.

Soredemo Boku wa Kimi ga Suki started in issue 2/3 of Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014 edition by artist Nao Emoto and author Yu Ting Xu.

The first chapter can be read here

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