Sunday, 11 January 2015

New Series DREA・MER by Hajime Bako

DREA・MER began in double issue 2/3 of Weekly Shonen Sunday by newcomer Hajime Bako.

What do you do when one morning sheeps fall from the heavens?
What do you do if you went to sleep, never to wake up and be taken away to the "sheep"?
2015 is the year of the sheep...let the nightmare continue forever as the struggle of Mankind vs "Sheep" begins.

The series is a little confusing at first with our main character acting like he has a death wish,  sudden scene changes from normal to war torn, as well as a highly energetic secondary character. However as you come to understand the basic plot, you can make some sense of it all. 
The artwork of Bako is very peculiar, but fits this story well. 

This supernatural, action series is different from the normal, and it is most likely to be a fairly short series. 

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