Saturday, 17 January 2015

New Series Real Account by Okushou & Watanabe Shizumu

Like most people today, Ataru Kashiwagi is connected to people through social networking sites (SNS). One day Ataru along with thousands of people who use the same SNS "Real Account", find themselves sucked into the system where having zero followers means instant death.

Real Account by author Okushou and artist Watanabe Shizumu, began in Bessatsu Shounen Magazine before being moved to Weekly Shonen Magazine in double volume 4/5.
In a world driven by fictionalized friendship, courtesy of the program named "real account", the table suddenly turns, and the cybernetic world turns real! how will they survive?
- Baka-updates
In the modern world people find themselves communicating through social media or social networks sites, and as a result some people are consumed by it. Real Account takes this idea to the extreme when SNS users lives depend on the number of followers they have.

This is the first work of Okushou but the story is very well founded and with the experience of artist Watanabe Shizumu the series has a promising future.

The first chapter can be read here

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