Friday, 6 July 2012

News Series GT-R by Fujisawa Tooru

This new series is a spin-off of GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka), which debuted in issue 30 of Weekly Shonen Magazine. 

GT-R, which stands for Great Transporter Ryuji starring Onizuka’s longtime friend Danma Ryuji. The story will focus on Ryuji living his life as a motorcycle store manager, who one day meets Ishikawa Mimon, a mysterious high school girl with an even more mysterious interest in Ryuji. 
- onibakubanzai

The new manga commemorates the July 3rd premiere of the live-action GTO television remake with EXILE band member Akira in the title role.
- animenewsnetwork 

GTO was a great manga, great anime, great tv drama, and a great live-action movie. Now that Fujisawa-sensei in back, hopefully we will get to see even better plot developments in this new series.

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